A few words about us

We already know the business

We know how to talk about technology

Open Knowledge Communication consists of people with more than 15 years of experience in communication and marketing in IT firms. We started creating and promoting Open Source content almost 20 years ago, when Linux landed in Spain. In those times, we gained awareness on the communities and we worked with people who become world reference leaders

Our focus is Open Source applied to Machine Learning, Big Data, Data Science, Business Analytics, Cloud Computing, DevOps and Internet of Things, we also specialize in Open Source as a business model, including all kinds of solutions from infrastructure to security. We have a strong knowledge of Inner Source, Cloud market and agile methodologies

Open Source technologies are our focus

We know how to reach and engage with the audience

We are able to connect communities and business

We are able to talk about cutting edge technology and adapt the message according to the audiences. We know the business value that every tech brings and how to communicate the corresponding message. We are able to reach developers audience and ITDM, to inform which technical issue can be solved by each technology and what are the benefits from a technical point of view.

We are involved in the organizations of events, meetups and technology conferences and we are media partners with the most influential OSS event. Over the years, we have built an important contact network of influencers and prescribers in OSS industry that allows us to identify opportunities and synergies between the different players.

Our view

The IT industry is becoming OSS

Communities are sustaining the world

New business models

The IT industry is making large investments in OSS and it’s pushing its talent to collaborate. Inner sourcing is becoming the next mainstream methodology for software development

Communities are creating and maintaining the most used software. They are the pillars of the open source ecosystem and have their own rules and culture

IT foundations are defining new frameworks to create value and are becoming new power collaborative centres. Intellectual property and licenses are the fuel for the changes

Our approach

We work for the IT industry

We are media partners

We support communities

We are able to convert marketing initiatives into leads. We enable partnerships between firms for jointed initiatives. We’ve been involved in lead generation content strategy programs in Europe for IT firms

We work in the he most important OSS international events. We monitor all the novelties of the biggest and most important OSS projects


We create spots of learning and creation, enabling innovation. We connect the audience with community leaders. We organize conferences, meetups and additional specific events


Soraya Muñoz
Leticia Tierra
Alba Diaz

Soraya Muñoz

Leticia Tierra

Alba Díaz

Soraya is an experienced tech journalist specialized in Open Source technologies and data, with more than 15 years of experience. She is the founder and team leader of Gaceta Tecnológica and Open Knowledge Communication.


Leticia has been involved in tech firms for 10 years, playing different digital marketing roles. She is focused on developing marketing and communication strategies, lead generation and marketing automation.


Alba is a journalist specialized in digital communication and marketing with 10 years of experience in the IT and pharmaceutical sectors. She holds a Masters in Digital Marketing and e-Commerce from EAE Business School.